Michael Calin

Eval Soft

Modern software for comprehensive functional testing & evaluation




My Role

Led the redesign of BTE's functional testing application, through multiple iterations. I worked alongside a product manager, 3 engineers, and the clinical team to build the redesign of this project from the ground up. Conducted user & stakeholder interviews, led the design process, worked alongside engineers during implementation, and was responsible for frequent presentations to leadership and other stakeholders about progress.


Redesign the software to simplify the experience and help clinicians maximize the time they are able to spend with their patients.  

  • Create an optimized flow that is easy to navigate
  • Create an experience that is consistent with our other products
  • Create a simple fluid experience that doesn't get in the way of the user


Age: 24 - 60 yrs
Gender: Majority female
Personality: Altruistic
Family: Single
Education: Degree or multiple (OT, PT, PTA, AT)
Experience: 3-12 years

Pain Points:
Cluttered screens
Non-direct process flows
Hidden menus & features
Pain to setup new patients
Took too long to create and generate client reports
Tough for new clinicians to learn to use


UI/UX Design, Interactive Design, Art Direction